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A Trip to Los Altos: A Must-Do California Adventure

When finding adventure in the Golden State, there's no better place to look than Los Altos, California. Not to be outdone by its bustling neighbor to the north, Los Altos boasts a host of unique and exciting activities for everyone, from the adventure-seeker looking to leap over the next thrill to the low-key traveler searching for peace and relaxation. Here’s what you’ll find while visiting Los Altos. Learn more here.


Regarding outdoor activities, Los Altos has something to offer any enthusiast. From horseback riding and kayaking to mountain biking and cycling, the multitude of outdoor experiences found within the city’s limits will leave you breathless. Thrill-seekers should call on the Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space Preserve for an adrenaline-filled adventure. The park’s 4,162-acre area makes it the perfect spot for a day of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails as you explore the rolling hills and wildlife alongside the San Antonio River. If you’re searching for a more leisurely outdoor experience, Los Altos is home to seven public golf courses, offering some of the best golfing in the state. Whether a newbie or a pro, playing a round at the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course is the perfect end to a sunny day. There are also loads of parks and public open spaces where you can enjoy a picnic or a guided tour. Some of the most popular include Shoreline Park on the San Francisco Bay, Stevens Creek Park, and Redwood Grove Nature Preserve. Learn more about Are you planning An Adventure To Santa Clara, California? Don't Miss Out On These Exciting Experiences.

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Regarding shops, restaurants, and nightlife, Los Altos is a destination for foodies and night owls alike. No trip to Los Altos is complete without a visit to the historic Murphy Avenue pedestrian plaza. Take a stroll and explore the al fresco eateries, small boutiques, and unique stores, or enjoy some of the best pub grub in town at The Refuge. For cannabis connoisseurs, Mary Jane’s offers a variety of products from the top-shelf to the more budget-friendly.

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